#ToMeMyOwn – Discovering Our Personal Meaning Of Good Health

#ToMeMyOwn – Discovering Our Personal Meaning Of Good Health

Health is a deeply personal thing. Each one of us is made different, as are our bodies, our processes, and our nutritional needs. Each person has their own unique mix of healthy habits that work best for themselves - and understanding this changes everything, as we pursue becoming the best, truest version of ourselves.

Identifying the right nutrition and health routine for our specific lifestyle, goals, wants and needs is one of the most important parts of our daily self-care activities.


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#ToMeMyOwn is all about recognising the individualistic nature of our health goals and routine.

To help drive this message, we asked you all to share what “health” means to you and what you’re doing to get there. We were thrilled to hear back from you - and to see a whole range of health routines targeted towards a myriad of health goals, ranging from get stronger to an improved state of mental well-being and positive thinking.


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The diversity in your routines and your goals is exactly what #ToMeMyOwn is all about - a personal documentation of our own journeys as we pursue what 'good health' means to each one of us.


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So, if you’re starting out on your health journey, here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Discovering ‘you’

What is it that matters to you? Becoming stronger? Improving your gut health? Taking care of your mental health? Making sure your skin’s health reflects your inner health?

Identify what matters to you, and account for where you are now.

  • Finding what works for you

Is there a morning routine that helps you work towards your goals while also helping you feel most like ‘you’? Or do your self-care activities work best when they’re a night-time routine?

There is no “best” way to get to your goal - all that matters is that you find something you enjoy and can therefore carry on with as a lifestyle, as opposed to isolated, sporadic attempts at doing something that doesn’t resonate with what you truly need.

Part of this, of course, lies in making sure you have access to reliable information and tools. While we’ve committed ourselves to providing evidence-based information that tells you what science has proven to work, we encourage you to find what applies to you! (Our evidence-based information that simplifies good health can be found on our blog and social media)

  • Appreciating your progress

Last but not least - acknowledge the little steps and the smaller habits that you’ve begun to follow! Sometimes, it takes a certain strength to carve out time for ourselves - as long as you do this, you’re doing great. We want you to keep reminding yourself of this and showing yourself a little gratitude and praise for every bit of effort you take - no matter what that looks like.

  • Reaching out to us whenever you think we can be of help!

Our entire goal, as a company, is to help you get to the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. To us, that necessarily means doing all that we can to provide any information that’s been proven to lead to results. 

So, if you have any questions at all - please go ahead and leave a comment below.

And if you’re already on your health journey, we’d love to feature your health goals, routine, and nutrition regimen, and, most importantly, how you arrived at them, as part of our #ToMeMyOwn campaign. Through this, we hope to illustrate the deeply individualistic nature of our health-oriented practices, and to encourage people to follow their own unique path towards self-betterment.

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