Nutrova Functional Fibre

A clinical study that showed far-reaching effects.

30-Day Results

Triglycerides reduced by 15.9%.
cholesterol reduced by 18.7%.
HDL (good cholesterol) stayed the same.

60-Day Results

Triglycerides reduced by 12.3%.
LDL cholesterol reduced by 20.1%.
HDL (good cholesterol) stayed the same.

Survey Results

On Day 0, 9.7% of the participants rated their quality of life as 'good to very good'.
On Day 60, this jumped to 81.2%.

The Study's Details

Nutrova Functional Fibre's effects on lipid profiles (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL) were evaluated on a group of 32 participants, aged 30-60 years. The study also included a Quality of Life questionnaire.

The participants were given 1 serving of Nutrova Functional Fibre (in 250ml of water) twice a day (30 min prior to meals). 

Effects on Lipid Levels

As seen in the table, consuming Nutrova Functional Fibre daily improved lipid levels after both 30 and 60 days.

How does dietary fibre affect our lipid profiles?

  • The direct effects: fibre carries bile while moving through our system [1]. Bile is made from LDL cholesterol [2]. By moving bile, fibre encourages LDL to convert and produce more bile, which decreases LDL in our blood.
  • The indirect effects: fibre feeds the good bacteria in our gut [3]. A richer and more diverse microbiome (composition of bacteria in our gut) is correlated with lower triglyceride levels [4, 5]. It’s also positively associated with HDL cholesterol (the “good cholesterol”).[6]
The Quality of Life Survey Results

These results show that consuming Nutrova Functional Fibre improved the participants’ overall satisfaction with their quality of life. They also demonstrate the importance of dietary fibre for several health aspects: from sleep and energy levels, to mental health.

How does dietary fibre affect our quality of life?

Our gut is integral to other aspects of our wellbeing:

Mental health: Referred to as our ‘second brain’ [7], our gut contains the largest number of neurons (nerve cells) outside our brain [8] and 95% of serotonin (a mood-regulating hormone) is found in the gut [9]. An imbalanced microbiome can disrupt our serotonin levels and lead to mood-related disorders [10].

Sleep: A small study found that increased fiber intake was associated with better deep sleep, whereas higher saturated fat and sugar intake were linked to lighter, disruptive sleep [11]. Research is looking at further relationships between sleep and food intake [12].

Energy levels and ability to work: Adding fiber to our diet helps induce fullness or satiation while consuming less. This can prevent the “post-meal slump” experienced after overeating - which is perhaps why more fibre is associated with better cognitive function and working memory [13, 14]. 


Nutrova Functional Fibre improves digestive health, which, in turn reduces our LDL cholesterol and triglycerides (without any change in HDL cholesterol). It also leads to improvements in several important parameters of wellbeing such as sleep, satisfaction with health and overall quality of life.

Good on you for seeking clinical evidence! You are now ready to make an informed purchase.

Nutrova Functional Fibre
Nutrova Functional Fibre: superior dietary fibre supplement
Nutrova Functional Fibre
Nutrova Functional Fibre

Nutrova Functional Fibre

A superior source of dietary fibre

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