Third-party test results

Omega-3 content, fatty acid profile, heavy metal and oxidation test results for the latest available batch.


As seen in the test report, no heavy metals have been detected in Nutrova Fish Oil 84.

Why test for heavy metals?

Heavy metals tend to accumulate in the food chain, and are a real concern in the context of fish oil.

While we ensure that we use the highest purity fish oil that is tested for heavy metals, we make sure to send every batch of Nutrova Fish Oil 84 to external labs to validate this and ensure the product is absolutely safe.

Fatty Acid Oxidation

Fats tend to go rancid when they are oxidized due to improper handling and/or storage, and fish oil is no different.

The Global Organization for EPA & DHA Omega-3's (GOED) has stringent guidelines for measures of oxidation, which are:

- Peroxide value less than 5 mEq/kg

- Anisidine value less than 20

- TOTOX value less than 26

Nutrova Fish Oil 84 easily meets these strict standards.


A third-party test showed that Nutrova Fish Oil 84 contains 550 mg of EPA and DHA in every 658 mg capsule.

This amounts to 84% of each capsule being made up of omega-3 fats! The high purity allows us provide a bigger dose of omega-3 fats within a smaller-sized capsule.

(Most fish oil products in the market have a 30% purity. Even 'triple-strength' fish oil capsules contain only 60-70% purity.)

Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84

Nutrova Fish Oil 84

A highly pure source of omega-3 fats

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