When we say evidence-based nutrition, we mean it.

To us, being evidence-based means sharing real world, measurable data on our products with you with complete transparency.

The evidence section of our website is dedicated to exactly this. It includes clinical studies on our products and third-party testing reports measuring purity.

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Choosing the best collagen supplement: Your complete guide

Not all collagen supplements are created equal—different forms and sources of collagen have their own pros and cons. With a plethora of options available in the market, we have compiled a quick guide to help you choose the best collagen supplement for healthier skin.

Our Expertise

Nutrova believes in research-based and evidence-driven nutritional supplements that fill the gaps in your diet. Every Nutrova product has been created after stringent testing and research. We stand by complete transparency regarding the ingredients, formulations, expected results and recommended dosing, for all our products. Additionally, they are third-party tested. We believe in optimising our health by supplementing a healthy, balanced diet with a few additions.

Buy Highest Quality Nutraceutical Products in India

If you are someone who wants to take charge of your own health, Nutrova has some great nutrition products online that are created on the basis of clinical studies and scientific research. All our supplements online help you get closer to your health goals. We believe that diet forms the basis of our health, which is where nutrition and supplements come in that can help your body improve its functioning. With the right, safe and effective nutrition, we can enhance our well-being and move closer to our health goals. Nutrova makes the best nutritional supplements with complete transparency with regard to ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Explore our range of supplements that enhance your skin and hair health. Our range of supplements also help build muscle and a stronger body, and are essential for fitness enthusiasts. Nutrova also has a vegan range of supplements to provide important nutrients for those on plant-based diets. 

Skin and Hair Supplements

Nutrova’s range of skin and hair health supplements include some of the best nutritional products in India like collagen peptides with antioxidants for healthy and radiant skin. Nutrova Collagen Peptides contains highly pure collagen peptides from poultry sources that replenish your body’s collagen, the support structure for our tissues, which is abundant in our skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles and bones. Nutrova Kerastrength is a hair growth supplement that provides your hair with important nutrients. These help your hair to build, strengthen and grow. 

Performance Supplements

If you have specific health goals to achieve, we are prepared with research-driven nutrition products online to get you closer to them. Our range of performance supplements takes care of your nutritional needs in the best possible way, through precise action by high quality ingredients. Nutrova Whey Protein Isolate, a sugar free protein powder promotes muscle building and consists of easy-to-absorb whey protein isolate. It is very light on the stomach as it contains no artificial sweeteners and negligible lactose, which is why it can easily be incorporated into your diet.

Wellness Supplements

Nutrova’s general wellness range consists of the most diverse nutraceutical products in India with Nutrova Functional Fibre, a dietary fibre supplement that is made from a highly effective blend of natural fibre from methi seeds and gluten-free wheat. It is known to improve gut health by feeding good gut bacteria. Due to its fibrous content, it also improves bowel movements, lipid levels and general well-being. Check out Nutrova’s purest fish oil capsules and our multivitamin supplement Nutrova Formula O that will help replenish your body with required nutrients and are easy to add into your diet.

Vegan Supplements

If you are looking for vegan options that can enhance your overall health, Nutrova’s vegan supplements include some plant-based nutritious choices. Nutrova Pea Protein, a vegan protein, adds highly pure protein to your meals that is easily digested. You can also buy plant-based vitamin capsules that are a multinutrient specially designed for vegans. These include the nutrients that are not found commonly in vegan diets and those which are low in general diets as well. 

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Anyone who is not able to meet their daily nutritional requirements due to a lack of time, restricted diets, lifestyle choices, etc. can benefit from nutritional supplements. People with high nutritional needs, for example, athletes can also highly benefit from nutritional supplements. Furthermore, people with certain health goals such as muscle-gain, improving skin health, gastrointestinal health, or even general health can benefit from supplements.

Some groups such as the elderly, menopausal or menopausing women, pregnant women are usually advised by their medical advisor to take additional nutritional supplements in order to maintain optimum health. Having said that, it is important for said groups to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplements, including ours.

Please note that supplements can improve overall health and help manage health conditions, however, they are not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet.

Selecting supplements will depend on a few factors such as your health goals, dietary preferences, age, food allergies, stage of life, etc. For example, if your goal is to gain muscle, you need to ensure you are consuming adequate protein and omega-3 fatty acids or if you follow a vegan diet then you should ideally supplement with the nutrients that are lacking in a plant-based diet. 

It is advisable to discuss your goals and preferences with your healthcare expert and/or do adequate research on the efficacy and evidence behind a certain supplement before taking them. To get a detailed idea on what you should know about a supplement, read this.

A supplement’s efficacy may depend on your individual health and circumstances. If you are deficient in a nutrient it may take more than a month’s time to see improvement. The improvement can be observed through the reduced symptoms for which you were taking the supplement. For example, if you take a supplement for certain skin health issues you will see improvement in those skin parameters.

To ensure that your supplements have the efficacy that they claim, read the labels carefully and choose a reputable brand that has third-party certifications and clinical evidence while buying supplements online or from a store.

Yes, one can take supplements on their own, however, it is advisable that you discuss it with your healthcare provider especially if you are pregnant, lactating, have an existing medical condition or are on chronic medications.