Third-party test results

Heavy metal and gluten test results for the latest available batch.


As seen in the test report, no heavy metals have been detected in Nutrova Daily Multivitamin.

Why test for heavy metals?

Heavy metals tend to accumulate in the food chain, and is a real concern..

While we ensure that we use the highest purity ingredients that are tested for heavy metals, we make sure to send every batch of Nutrova Daily Multivitamin to external labs to validate this and ensure the product is absolutely safe.


As seen in the report, Nutrova Daily Multivitamin gluten is BLQ (Below Limit of Quantification), which qualifies it as gluten-free.

We make sure to source gluten-free certified raw material, to ensure it can be consumed by anyone who may have a sensitivity/intolerance to gluten. Thereafter, we also third-party test every batch to confirm its levels of gluten.