Third-party test results

Omega-3 content, fatty acid profile, heavy metal and oxidation test results for the latest available batch.


As seen in the test report, Nutrova Complete Omega 3 contains not less than 17% DHA per capsule (current batch: 21.80%).

Why test for purity?

To provide complete visibility on the contents of each capsule, including its levels of DHA. 


As seen in the test report, there are no detectable heavy metal contaminants in Nutrova Complete Omega 3.

Why test for heavy metals?

The earth’s crust contains several naturally-occurring heavy metals. Some (like copper, zinc, manganese, selenium etc.) are essential nutrients - they need to be consumed for their effects on our functioning.

However, their multiple applications today (industrial, domestic, agricultural, medical and technological) have made them more prevalent in our surroundings and, therefore, food supply. This makes it important to ensure we don't consume higher quantities of them, for adverse effects on our health.


Fats tend to go rancid when they are oxidized due to improper handling and/or storage, and fish oil is no different.

The Global Organization for EPA & DHA Omega-3's (GOED) has stringent guidelines for measures of oxidation, which are:

- Peroxide value less than 5 mEq/kg

- Anisidine value less than 20

- TOTOX value less than 26

Nutrova Complete Omega 3 easily meets these strict standards.

Nutrova Complete Omega 3
Nutrova Complete Omega 3: vegan DHA supplement
Nutrova Complete Omega 3: DHA from marine algae
Nutrova Complete Omega 3
Nutrova Complete Omega 3

Nutrova Complete Omega 3

A 100% vegan source of DHA

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