Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants

For visibly healthier skin that glows


1 pack = 30 servings. Buy 2 packs and save Rs. 500.

  • Renews the skin’s collagen structure + protects it from daily damage
  • Increases skin hydration, firmness and elasticity
  • Reduces skin damage (dullness, wrinkles, pigmentation, roughness)

Directions: drink daily for 30 days. For best results, consume for 60 days.

Contains fish-derived collagen peptides. Should be avoided by people allergic to fish.

All our products strictly contain ingredients that
Have evidence-based health benefits
Are of the highest available quality
Are in calculated doses, for optimum safety and efficacy

“A superb product! I haven’t seen my skin like this before. Loved it!”


Founder & Designer at The Little Things, Kolkata

“I have been on NUTROVA Collagen(+Antioxidants) for a while now, I have repurchased it continuously. And as with any dietary solution, it takes a while to work- no overnight immediate sensation. However, I have to say, that I am noticing a difference. I take it once a day and I am noticing better elasticity in my skin and better firmness, and with time you notice you need less makeup as your skin feels naturally hydrated and glowy. I have been consistent with this for the last five to six months. So again, dietary changes take some time, but this product certainly is working for me and is one I will continue to utilise in my health routine. Not to forget the flavour is yum! And I’m so glad we have a recognised and high quality collagen supplement brand finally in India! In my opinion it’s one of the best brand in India for Skin Science in terms of Collagen Peptides for skin and hair.”


Jewellery Designer, Delhi

“After a 40 day shoot in Rajasthan, my skin felt dry and damaged after all the time spent in the sun. Within 10-20 days of using Nutrova Collagen+ Antioxidants, my skin felt great and people started telling me that my skin was glowing! It’s not only done wonders for my skin but tastes great too.”


Model and Actor, Mumbai

“Nutrova Collagen + Antioxidants is amazing! Within 3 weeks of using the product, I noticed reductions in fine lines in the under eye area. My skin feels great, and I am very happy with the product.”


Actor, Mumbai

“I am very happy with your products and currently, I am using NUTROVA Collagen and Antioxidants and with its result, I am very satisfied and referred some of my friends and they will be purchasing the same very soon. And being a Food Technologist personally, I feel it is one of the best nutraceutical products present in the market.”


Food Technologist, Chandigarh

“I have been using Nutrova Collagen (+Antioxidants) for the past 2 months now and I have to admit that it is the best thing happened to me. I have a healthy glow and my skin feels fresh. Just love it.”



“This is one of the few products available in the market that are genuine and live upto the
expectation. They deliver what they have promised. I simply fell in love with Nutrova Advanced
Nutraceuticals Collagen +Antioxidants. After using it for 1 month I could see the difference in my
skin and my skin started shining. Thank you so much.”



Why We Recommend This

  • A first-of-its-kind clinical study on Indian women found that consuming Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants visibly improved several parameters of their skin health
  • The results of this study were published in the international Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Its unique combination of collagen peptides and natural antioxidants (from tomatoes, green tea and grapes) works to both replenish and protect the skin
  • It’s a cranberry-flavoured drink that tastes great!

Clinical Study Results

Clinically-tested results after 30 days:

  • Reduced wrinkle width, roughness and pigmentation
  • Increased skin firmness and elasticity

Clinically-tested results after 60 days:

  • Reduced under-eye dark circles, wrinkle width, roughness, pore size, pigmentation, and water-loss through the skin (transepidermal water loss/TEWL)
  • Increased skin hydration and firmness

Self-assessment survey results after 60 days:

  • 88% said their dark circles and wrinkles reduced
  • 85% said their dark spots reduced
  • 79% said the size of their skin pores reduced
  • 97% said their skin felt firmer and had a glowing appearance

Find a detailed breakdown of the clinical study here.

The Ingredients & Their Evidence-Based Roles

  • Collagen peptides: help renew the skin’s collagen structure, repairing damage and improving its health and appearance [1], [2], [3]
  • Lycopene (from tomatoes): is an antioxidant that shields the skin from the sun’s UV rays [4], while also contributing to a healthy skin tone [5]
  • Grape seed extract: contains a family of antioxidants called OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), which are effective antioxidants [6] and help maintain healthy collagen [7]
  • Green tea extract: is rich in an antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which fights free radical damage [8]
  • Vitamins C and E: help form our body’s antioxidant reserves [9]; vitamin C also boosts collagen production [10]
  • Taurine: helps our skin cells stay hydrated and function properly [11]
  • Fructose: helps sweeten the drink without any adverse effects on blood sugar [12]
  • Cranberry flavour: makes it a delicious drink!

How Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants Works

1. Collagen is our skin’s main protein.

2. The nutrients in Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants replenish our skin’s collagen, while protecting it from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone consume it?

Yes; it’s especially helpful for people in their mid-20s and above, since that’s when our collagen production begins to slow down. However, pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions or people on chronic medication should first consult their doctors.

What’s the best time to consume it?

The important thing is to consume it daily, so it’s best to choose any convenient time. Also, having it before/after a meal helps its nutrients get absorbed. If possible, try having it closer to the end of the day, since its collagen peptides aid our skin’s renewal process, which is amplified when we sleep

How long does it take to see results?

Our clinical study measured noticeable improvements in skin health with 30 days of daily consumption, and improvements in even more skin health parameters with 60 days of daily consumption.

How long can I consume it for?

For best results, consume it daily for 60 days. You can either continue consuming it (to maintain your skin’s improved health), or have it whenever you’d like to give your skin another nutritional boost. Either way, it’s perfectly safe to consume for any duration you choose.

Is there a vegetarian collagen?

Collagen is an animal protein, which means it has no natural vegetarian sources.

Can I have it with another Nutrova product?

Yes, all our products are designed to work well both individually and together.

Are there any side effects (including weight gain)?

None at all. Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants is made up of high-quality food-based nutrients with evidence-based benefits. It also has just 44 calories per sachet and cannot lead to weight gain. Just make sure to read its ingredient list carefully if you have any food allergies.

What's the difference between this product and Nutrova Collagen Peptides? Which one should I choose?

Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants is a combination of marine collagen peptides and natural antioxidants, in doses that specifically renew and protect the skin. Nutrova Collagen Peptides, on the other hand, comes with flexible dosing that can be determined on the basis of your chosen health goal. We would also recommend consuming Nutrova Collagen Peptides if you are concerned about seafood allergies or are looking for pure, unflavoured collagen peptides without any other nutrient.