Nutrova Pea Protein
Nutrova Pea Protein
Nutrova Pea Protein vegan protein
Nutrova Pea Protein
Nutrova Pea Protein
Nutrova Pea Protein
Nutrova Pea Protein

Nutrova Pea Protein

High-quality vegan protein

Sale priceRs. 950

Weight 300 g
Rs. 950
Weight 1 kg
Rs. 2,500
Weight 2 kg
Rs. 5,000 Sale price Rs. 4,500 Save Rs. 500
  • 80% protein content, with 8 g of protein in every 10 g
  • Excellent PDCAA score of 0.93 out of 1
  • No added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavours, or additives
  • Third-party tested to confirm its purity and 'gluten-free' claim

Pea protein isolate

Mix 1-2 servings in juices, smoothies, daals and rotis.

Nutrova Vegan Protein

Vegan protein, optimized for fitness

Pea protein isolate fortified with leucine & taurine to support muscle growth and recovery.

The Science

84% of Indian vegetarian diets lack adequate protein - finding ways to significantly
increase our intake of pure protein can be hard in a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Protein-rich plant foods complicate this in two ways. First, plant foods with quality protein also contain high levels of carbohydrates (e.g. beans, lentils). Second, these foods also contain a high number of ‘antinutrients’ which block the absorption of vital micronutrients like iron.

Nutrova Pea Protein contains highly purified protein from peas, with all the antinutrients
filtered out for better absorption.  With no additives, flavours or sweeteners, it can be added to a variety of juices, smoothies and everyday foods.

Every batch is third party tested for protein content and gluten to make sure you receive high quality vegan protein.

Nutrition You Can Trust

Nutrova Pea Protein is tested for:

  • Protein content
  • Amino acid profile
  • Gluten content

Frequently asked questions

So that it can be added to everyday meals and/or smoothies without changing their taste – easily fits into your existing routine!

Yes! It’s entirely up to you, if you don’t mind the fact that it’s unflavoured and unsweetened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Moon (Dehradun, IN)
Love this !

Works with many special diets .
It has helped me with weight gain

Sanika Vaid
Tastes great mixed into dal or a shake

The Pea protein helps me get in 10-15g of extra protein and it keeps me full without mindless snacking. It tastes great mixed into dal or even a shake!

Rita Agnani

This Pea Protein Powder is amazing. It has helped me with weight loss and I feel more energetic. Plus it's much cheaper!

Shirin Bismillah
Can see effects

I have been consuming Nutrova Pea Protein for a month now, in batches, and can discern its effect in terms of an improved metabolism. I do a lot of strength training exercises at home and I think the product has helped me build some lean muscle in due course of time.

Kripa Jalan
Healthy and convenient source of protein

I strongly believe that the fewer ingredients on a food item, the less processed, the healthier the product. The Nutrova Pea Protein contains one and only one ingredient. You won't see a list of unfamiliar terms on it. What you see is what you get. Additionally, I found it to be a convenient way to up the protein content of a typically vegetarian meal. I could add it to a soup and still taste the freshness of the vegetables, which is rare with most additives. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a more natural high quality source of protein to supplement their diets.

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