Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84
Nutrova Fish Oil 84

Nutrova Fish Oil 84

A highly pure source of omega-3 fats

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Pack of 60 capsules
Rs. 1,800
Pack of 120 capsules
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  • One of the highest-purity fish oils: omega-3 fats make up 84% of each capsule
  • Contains 550 mg of EPA + DHA in a 658 mg (small-sized) capsule
  • Enteric-coated for higher bioavailability (easier to absorb)
  • Third-party tested for heavy metals
  • Fish oil sourced from wild anchovies

Fish Oil

1 - 2 capsules daily after a meal

Nutrova Fish Oil 84

High purity fish oil with 84% omega-3 content

High purity fish oil tested for oxidation and heavy metals in small, enteric coated capsules.

The Science

EPA and DHA are important omega-3 fats, essential nutrients that play a vital role in regulating inflammation, heart, skin and joint health and play an important structural role in our brains, nerves and eyes.

The ideal intake of omega-6 to omega-3 is 1:1, but the urban Indian diet's ratio is 38:1 to 50:1, which can create a state of chronic inflammation - the underlying cause of lifestyle and metabolic diseases. An insufficient intake of omega-3 fats can also interfere with mood and post-workout recovery.

Fish oil provides omega-3 fats, but typically has only 30% purity*. Even a triple-strength capsule has about 60-70% purity. This normally means
very large capsules, or an insufficient (and possibly ineffective) dose.

Nutrova Fish Oil 84 contains omega-3 fats with 84% purity. The capsules are also enteric-coated, which improves their bioavailabiltity and prevents fishy burps. 

*Purity of fish oil is calculated as omega-3 content per unit fish oil. 1000 mg fish oil does not mean 1000 mg omega-3.

Nutrition You Can Trust

Nutrova Fish Oil 84 is routinely tested for:

  • Heavy metals
  • Omega-3 content
  • Oxidation

Frequently asked questions

Yes, fish oil is globally recognised as safe and without any side effects. However, pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions or people on chronic medication should first consult their doctors. People with fish allergies should avoid this product.

1 capsule of Nutrova Fish Oil 84 will give you twice the minimum amount of omega-3 fats we need (as recommended by international health bodies). To enhance recovery after intense exercise, or to improve fish oil’s effects on certain health aspects like our sleep quality and heart health, we recommend consuming 2 capsules daily.

Nutrova Fish Oil 84 uses an exceptionally pure grade of fish oil, with 84% omega-3 content. Standard fish oil products contain from 30% to 60% omega-3. Higher purity means we can deliver more omega-3 in a much smaller capsule.
An easy way to calculate the purity of fish oil products is to divide the omega-3 content (EPA+DHA) by the total amount of fish oil in each capsule.

‘Double’ and ‘triple strength’ are marketing terms used to indicate high omega-3 content in fish oil capsules. However, this is often accomplished by making capsules bigger (and harder to swallow!) rather than using a higher grade of fish oil.

The capsules of Nutrova Fish Oil 84 are enteric coated, meaning that they have a coating that protects them from stomach acid, allowing them to release the omega-3 rich fish oil in the small intestine, where it will be absorbed. This not only improves absorption of omega-3 but also prevents fishy burps. Nutrova Fish Oil 84 does not cause fishy burps at all!

Nutrova Fish Oil 84 uses fish oil sourced from wild anchovies, which are amongst the most sustainable sources of fish oil.

Yes. The product is tested for heavy metal levels at the raw material stage, after production, and by an independent, certified third-party lab prior to reaching the market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Trisha Mehta (New Delhi, IN)
Excellent supplement

Have been taking for 3 months now and see an improvement in my skin & hair & lips- i suffer from extreme dryness and this has helped. Also my omega 3 levels are balanced.

Lisa (Delhi, IN)
The best fish oil in the Indian market

I hate taking fish oil and getting an after taste. With Nutrova you don’t get the after taste at all…

Nupur Rawat (Delhi, IN)

Good quality

Rohan M (Mumbai, IN)
Best Omega 3 in the India market

This is the best fish based omega 3 supplement in the market. Many others are actually rancid or have heavy metals in them.

New buyer (New Delhi, IN)

Good product

Thank you for sharing your experience! :)

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