Nutrova Formula V

A multinutrient blend for vegans/vegetarians


1 pack = 60 gelatin-free capsules (2 months).

  • A daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal health, made specifically for vegans (and vegetarians who eat limited quantities of dairy)
  • 100% vegan-sourced ingredients
  • Highly bioavailable (easy-to-absorb by the body) forms of iron and zinc
  • Provides the added benefits of a powerful combination of antioxidants (natural vitamin E and lycopene from tomatoes)

Directions: One capsule daily, preferably with meals.

All our products strictly contain ingredients that
Have evidence-based health benefits
Are of the highest available quality
Are in calculated doses, for optimum safety and efficacy

Why We Recommend This

  • Nutrova Formula V contains nutrients that are important additions to a vegan diet, in forms that can be easily absorbed by the body
  • It contains highly ‘bioavailable’ forms of iron and zinc (easier for our body to absorb and use for their several functions)
  • Added benefits of natural vitamin E and lycopene from tomatoes, both of which provide excellent protection from free radical damage

The Ingredients & Their Evidence-Based Roles

Vitamin D3

An important nutrient that –
1. regulates the growth and metabolism of our cells [1].
2. helps maintain our muscles, bones, and joints [2], while enabling our bones to absorb calcium [3] and muscles to contract [4].
3. is essential for the functioning of our brain [5] and heart [6].
4. improves immunity [7], sleep quality [8] and exercise recovery [9].

B12 and other B-vitamins

Required for the health of every cell in our body. They affect cognitive, skin, muscle and nerve function, digestion and energy production, appetite, eyesight, hormone and cholesterol production, and cardiovascular health. Vitamin B12 also helps produce our blood cells and DNA [10], [11].

Zinc monomethionine

A bioavailable form of zinc, which improves its ability to be absorbed and used for its important roles, including in:
1. Immunity: zinc helps develop immune cells [12] (its deficiency makes us more prone to infections) [13].
2. Skin health: it helps produce collagen and supports wound-healing [14].
3. Gut health: it helps maintain the intestinal lining that acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria and viruses [14].
4. Brain health: it supports nerve signalling, learning and memory [14].

Vitamin A

Essential for many processes including cellular growth [15]. It helps maintain healthy immune function [16], vision [17] and skin, while supporting reproductive health [18].

Vitamin C

A potent antioxidant that also helps make collagen [19] and improves iron absorption [20].

Vitamin K2 MK-7

Plays an important role in regulating calcium levels, which influences both bone and heart health [21].


Helps make thyroid hormones, which control our body’s metabolism [22].

Copper Sulphate

A form of copper that’s easily absorbed by the body (unlike cupric oxide, the usual form of copper in supplements). Copper plays a vital role in supporting our metabolism, while helping maintain the strength of our skin and blood vessels [23]. It also helps produce haemoglobin and supports the functioning of our thyroid gland [23]


Helps form bile salts, which play an important role in digestion. It’s also required for the healthy functioning of our retina, muscle tissue, and all organs [24].


Required for haemoglobin (an oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells) and myoglobin (provides oxygen to our muscles), and is critical for immunity [25].

Natural tomato lycopene

A natural extract of lycopene, which comes with other antioxidants that amplify its many benefits, including –
1. Skin health: fights free radicals generated by UV rays [26], and supports a healthy skin tone [27].
2. Heart health: supports healthy blood pressure and lipid profile [28].
3. General: May help post-exercise recovery [29], reduce lung damage caused by cigarette smoke [30], and minimise bone loss as we age [31].

Tocotrienol-rich form of natural vitamin E

A form of vitamin E that has superior antioxidant properties [32], which can improve liver health, lipid profile and immunity, and protect brain cells [33].

How Nutrova Formula V Works

1. Vegan diets are great for consuming more plant-based foods, but also tend to be low in certain vitamins and minerals.

2. Some nutrients are also generally consumed in low amounts, across diets, or aren’t easily absorbed by the body even when present.

3. Nutrova Formula V provides the ideal form of nutrients, specifically for vegan (and mostly vegetarian) diets.

4. It also has the added benefits of powerful antioxidants, to protect the body from cellular damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone consume it?

Yes; Nutrova Formula V is a simple solution for individuals following a vegan diet. It is also helpful for vegetarians who consume limited amounts of dairy products. However, pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions or people on chronic medication should first consult their doctors.

What’s the best time to consume it?

The important thing is to consume it daily, so it’s best to choose any convenient time. Also, having it after a meal helps its nutrients get absorbed.

Can I have it with another Nutrova product?

Yes, all our products are designed to work well both individually and together, with one exception: we wouldn’t recommend taking it with Nutrova Formula O, since it’s a similar formula, except it’s been optimised for diets containing dairy and/or meat.

Are there any side effects (including weight gain)?

None at all. Just make sure to read its ingredient list carefully if you have any food allergies.