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Please use the BMI calculator to get your Body Mass Index value:


BMI Calculator


Your BMI is a simple measure of classifying your health based on your height and weight. Using this calculator above will give your BMI value. You can then evaluate which  one of the following six categories you fall into:

  1. Severely underweight – BMI less than 12
  2. Underweight – BMI between 12 and 20
  3. Normal weight – BMI between 20 and 25
  4. Overweight – BMI between 25 and 30
  5. Moderately obese – BMI between 30 and 35
  6. Highly obese – BMI greater than 35

If you fall in the ‘Overweight’ or ‘Moderately Obese’ categories, we’d strongly suggest you try out our Nutrova Functional Fibre as a means of naturally controlling your appetite.

You might also be at the risk of having high cholesterol and the dietary fibre we recommend can also help bring down your ‘bad’ cholesterol levels.

Leave us a comment with your BMI value and please share this with people that you care about, so they can calculate their BMI and know how healthy they are.

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