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1.What exactly are these products?

Our products are nutrition supplements, which contain food-based nutrients in doses that have scientifically validated benefits to our health.


2. Can they be consumed by pregnant/breastfeeding women?

It’s best for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding to consult their doctor before using any nutrition supplement, including our products. We’d be happy to provide any details that the doctor may need.


3. Are they safe? Do they have any side effects?

All our products are completely safe to use, with no side effects. It is important for anyone who has food allergies to peruse the ingredients of a product (available on each product page) before consumption.


4. Can I consume more than one Nutrova product at a time?

It’s perfectly safe to consume more than one Nutrova product at a time.

Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants

1. Is it safe?
Completely! Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants is formulated with the highest available grade of nutrients from food sources. That said, do go through its ingredients list carefully if you have any food allergies.


2. What’s the best time to have it?

The drink’s nutrients will be effective as long as they are consumed daily, so it’s important to choose a time that’s convenient for you. For best results, however, we recommend having it towards the end of the day, since collagen peptides aid our skin’s renewal process, which is heightened when we sleep. It’s also best to consume the drink before/during/after a meal, to help its nutrients get absorbed with the food.


3. How long will it take to see results?
Our skin naturally exfoliates and replaces its uppermost layer every 30-45 days. Since Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants works on the skin’s deeper layers, results can take 4-6 weeks to become completely visible (although some people do start seeing results within 3 weeks).


4. How long can I continue having it for?
We recommend consuming it daily for 8 weeks to see best results (based on clinical data). After that, you can choose to either continue using the product (to maintain the renewed health of your skin), or have it after every few months or so (whenever you’d like to give your skin another boost of its nutrients and repair new damage). It’s perfectly safe to continue using the product for any duration you’d like.


5. What happens when I stop using it?
The damage that’s been repaired by the product will stay repaired, and the overall effects last until further damage takes place (in about 6-8 weeks). The exact duration depends on lifestyle and nutritional habits; for example, someone who protects their skin by consuming antioxidants regularly and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen can maintain the results for more time.


6. Can anyone have it?
The science behind the product works across all skin types. Pregnant or lactating women and/or people with medical conditions or taking chronic medication should check with their doctors before consuming the product.


7. At what age can I start using it?
Our skin’s ability to produce collagen begins to slow down dramatically in our 20’s. That’s why dullness, rough skin, etc. become common skin problems thereon. The product would be useful to anyone in their mid-20s and above, who would like to either maintain or improve the quality of their skin.


8. Is there a vegetarian option?
There are no vegetarian sources of collagen, since it is a protein found in animals. We use collagen peptides from fish (not shellfish).


9. Can it lead to weight gain?
Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants contains only 44 calories per sachet and cannot lead to weight gain.


10. Why is fructose present?
At Nutrova, we avoid using artificial sweeteners wherever possible and have thus sweetened the drink with fructose, i.e., the sugar found in fruits. Fructose is healthier than regular sugar because it does not impact our blood sugar. A serving of Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants contains less fructose than an apple.


11. I’ve read that collagen breaks down into amino acids, once consumed, and will not affect the skin. Is this true?
The collagen peptides we use are in a very specific size that has been clinically proven to get directly taken up by the skin and stimulate collagen production.


12. Can I have it with another Nutrova product?
It’s completely safe to consume two or more Nutrova products simultaneously.

Nutrova Antioxidant Protection

1. Is it safe?
Completely! Nutrova Antioxidant Protection contains the highest achievable quality of nutrients from food sources and has no side effects.


2. What results can I expect?
Nutrova Antioxidant Protection is primarily aimed at maintaining healthy skin and protecting it from damage. It may not always lead to visible results but can reduce signs of damage, like pigmentation, over time.


3. Can anyone have it?
The science behind the product works across all skin types. Pregnant or lactating women and/or people with medical conditions or taking chronic medication should check with their doctors before consuming the product.


4. Can I have it with another Nutrova product?
It’s completely safe to consume two or more Nutrova products simultaneously.

Nutrova Kerastrength

1. Is it safe?
Completely! Nutrova Kerastrength is formulated with the highest available grade of nutrients. That said, do go through its ingredients list carefully, to check for any food allergies.


2. How long will it take to see results?
Since our hair grows at a rate of about 1 cm a month, noticeable results take 2 to 3 months. Nutrition-related hair fall tends to reduce in a couple of weeks, however.


3. How long can I continue having it for?
We recommend having it for at least 2 to ideally 3 months. After that, the continuation is entirely up to you. It’s perfectly safe to consume Nutrova Kerastrength for any duration you’d like.


4. Can anyone have Nutrova Kerastrength?
The science behind the product works for anyone. Pregnant or lactating women and/or people with medical conditions or taking chronic medication should check with their doctors before consuming the product.


5. Can I have Nutrova Kerastrength along with another product?
It’s perfectly safe to consume two or more Nutrova products at the same time.

Nutrova Complete Omega 3

1. Is it safe?
Completely! Nutrova Complete Omega 3 contains DHA derived from microalgae, which has been used as a supplement for almost two decades and is globally recognised as safe. It doesn’t have any side effects.


2. How is it different from other omega-3 products?
It’s been developed specifically for vegetarians who don’t have a dietary source of DHA. Its capsules are also gelatin free, unlike most other capsules.


3. Why is algae used as a source of DHA?
Algae are marine plants that can produce their own DHA. Fish, the major source of DHA in our diet, also depend on algae for their DHA requirements.


4. Can I use a flaxseed oil supplement instead?
Flaxseed oil is an excellent source of ALA, a short chain omega 3 fat. Our bodies convert ALA into DHA with a very low conversion efficiency of 1 – 4 %. Supplementing with flaxseed oil would help increase your overall omega 3 consumption, but the amount converted to DHA may not be significant.

Nutrova Functional Fibre

1. Is it safe?
Completely! It’s been formulated using natural extracts, with no added flavours, preservatives or colours. It has no side effects. A sudden increase in dietary fibre of any kind may cause mild flatulence, but this is temporary and can be entirely avoided by gradually increasing it, instead.


2. Is it similar to psyllium husk/Isabgol?
The soluble fibre in psyllium husk is structurally different from the soluble fibre in Nutrova Functional Fibre. Nutrova Functional Fibre contains pure fenugreek galactomannan, which has a unique linear structure that gives it higher solubility and enhanced prebiotic properties, promoting the growth of good bacteria in our gut.

Nutrova Pea Protein

1. Why isn’t it flavoured?
Its natural earthy taste lends itself perfectly to dals, rotis and regular dishes. We have chosen to leave it unflavoured so that it can be easily added to everyday meals without changing their taste.


2. Is it a complete protein?
Pea protein is not a complete protein because it’s low in sulphur-rich amino acids called methionine and cysteine. These can be found in cereals like wheat or rice, which is why we recommend adding Nutrova Pea Protein to the dough of rotis, to complete its protein profile.


3. Is it easy to digest?
Pea protein, in general, is easier to digest than most vegan protein sources. Nutrova Pea Protein uses a high grade of pea protein concentrate and has no additives, making it especially easy on the stomach.


4. Can it be mixed into water and consumed like other protein supplements?
It can be simply added to water and consumed, just like other protein supplements. However, given that it is not flavoured or sweetened, the taste may not appeal to everyone.

Nutrova Whey Protein Isolate

1. How is it different from other whey protein supplements?
It’s formulated using only 100% whey protein isolate, not a blend that includes a concentrate. This makes it exceptionally light on the stomach, since whey protein isolate has minimal lactose. It’s also free of artificial sweeteners because of rising concerns regarding their impact on our health.


2. What is a PDCAA score?
The Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid score tracks a protein’s digestibility and the profile of essential amino acids it contains. It ranges from 0 to 1, with 1 being ideal – that’s when a protein has a complete amino acid profile and is easy to digest.


3. Will it make me feel bloated like other whey protein supplements?
The bloated feeling associated with whey protein generally stems from its lactose content, which can be hard for (a surprising number of) people to digest. Nutrova Whey Protein is highly purified and contains negligible lactose. It does not lead to any bloating.


4. Why isn’t it sweet?
Added sugars (or fillers such as maltodextrin) cause a spike in our blood sugar, which could lead to health problems. Even artificial sweeteners might adversely affect the good bacteria in our gut as well as increase sugar cravings. Anyone who would like a sweeter tasting protein could easily blend Nutrova Whey Protein Isolate with a few other ingredients (say, fruits and yogurt) to make a delicious smoothie.

Do you offer COD?

COD is available in most areas. If it is unavailable in yours, you will be notified while selecting it as your payment method.

How long will it take for a product to be delivered?

Order are generally received 3-4 working days after being placed.

How much are your shipping fees?

We offer free shipping across the country.

Do you deliver to any countries apart from India?

No, we currently only ship within India. Any changes will be announced on our social media profiles (links in the website’s footer) and via email.

How can I track my delivery?

You will receive an email when your order has been shipped, which will contain your tracking details.

What if I want to return a product?

You will need to inform us within 2 business days of receiving the package. You can inform us by writing to us at support@nutrova.com or calling us on 1800-120-2414 between 11 AM and 5 PM, on business days. Returns will only be accepted for products that have been damaged in transit or that have physical defects.

How do I cancel an order?

An order can only be cancelled before it has been shipped from our end, by contacting us on 1800-120-2414 or sending an email to support@nutrova.com. Once shipped, an order cannot be cancelled.

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