Weight Loss Through Frequent Eating!

There are various schools of thought regarding the quantity and frequency of meals that you need to eat for optimal health. They all differ in various aspects, but agree that a good breakfast is essential for ensuring that you stay active, healthy and full of energy during your day.

One approach seems to recommend eating six small meals with regular intervals every day. The mini-meal approach requires you to ensure that you don’t exceed your daily calorie requirement.

And no, you don’t have to cook more food to follow this plan, which makes it so much better. This plan works on the principle that your body is able to metabolize your food easily if you consume it in smaller quantities, instead of consuming everything you need at one shot.

Do check out this interesting article which speaks about the benefits of eating small meals every day. Not only that, they also have a sample list of mini meals based on an intake of 1800 calories

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