While we keep telling you about why your diet should not lack fibre, we also want to warn you that too much of fibre in your diet is also a bad thing.

One of our customers wrote to us saying that he felt bloated after doubling his dosage of fibre and asked if it was normal.

Nutrova’s Functional Fibre is made of natural soluble and insoluble fibre, so as such you shouldn’t experience problems with your system. However, there are three things that you might experience if you end up taking more of it than you should:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Overactive bowels
For more on excess consumption of fibre, please check this article that speaks of Three signs that indicate you are consuming too much fibre.
If you need more information about dietary fibre, please write in to us at and we will be glad to help answer all your queries. And remember, a balanced diet and a balanced fibre intake is always the best approach to take!


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