Working at Nutrova gives us access not just to our products, but also to the R&D pipeline that we have in place for the next few years. We’ve always been interested in niche areas in the sports nutrition space, and were at the final stages of developing Nutrova Whey Protein Isolate when I began using it myself (a practice for every product since our first launch in 2012).

Around this time, I had almost entirely stopped strength training. My exercise regime consisted of two Krav Maga classes a week (which covered bodyweight strength work and cardio of reasonable intensity). Lifting weights had taken a backseat for a few reasons – primarily because I wasn’t recovering fast enough. A few weeks into using our soon-to-be-launched whey protein product, I could feel that I was recovering faster and mentioned this to my colleagues Meghna (Business Development) and Radhika (Marketing) over lunch. That’s where this began.

Lunchtime conversation at a nutrition company tends to include at least one mention of feeling the need to eat better or exercise more. The three of us were all making generally healthy choices at the time, but when I mentioned how our new protein formulation had dramatically improved recovery, conversation drifted to whether we, ourselves, were doing all that we could to achieve our health goals (considering how often we encourage other people to, on our blog!).

What was interesting is that all three of us felt that we could be doing more. Radhika, who was eating right and occasionally exercising at home, wanted to work on getting stronger through a more frequent exercise program and goal-oriented diet. Meghna, who was on a strength training program, wanted to fine-tune her diet to improve performance as well as to achieve her aesthetic goals. Personally, I wanted to work towards building strength on compound lifts, something that had taken a backseat of late. All three of us were conscious of what we ate (professional hazard) and the supplements we took (perks of the job), so taking things a level further, to optimise our health in a structured way, was an exciting possibility.

By the end of lunch that day, it was settled: the three of us, each with a different starting point and different goals would actually science our way to optimal health, through a tailored-meal plan, exercise routine and, of course, Nutrova’s own products!

We’ve decided to document this journey to share our experiences and what we learn, in the hope that it‘ll make it a bit easier for you to work towards your health goals as well.
Written by Akshay Pai, Founder and CEO, Nutrova

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