Working out is a stress-buster for me. I love the feeling that follows an intense workout, and have been working out for several years now by means of weight training, running, and occasionally kickboxing. I’ve also been disciplined about it because of a lower back issue I have, known as sciatica, in which a sharp pain radiates along the sciatic nerve (which runs from the lower back down to the legs). Strengthening the muscles around it helps keep the pain in check.

Any physical fitness regimen typically delivers dramatic results in the beginning, with the effects then reaching a plateau once the body’s physical limit is met. Since I’d already been deadlifting more than my body weight before we began #SciencingOurLifestyles, I expected the programme, which mainly changed my routine through the meal-plan and added supplements, to make only a marginal difference to me; my diet was already devoid of unnecessary sugar and excess calories.

To my surprise, just a couple of weeks into following the meal-plan Kripa had given me, my performance in Sachit’s gym significantly improved – the pull-ups I’d been pushing myself to achieve (since the previous few months!) came with relative ease, and I even managed to increase my weights on exercises that I’d previously thought were meeting my physical limit.

Intensifying my workouts did come with other demands, though, specifically getting a good night’s sleep. My (less than ideal) sleeping pattern (typically involving just 5 hours a night) wasn’t sufficient enough to recover from the physical strain, anymore. Prioritising sleep over other activities became necessary; it was difficult at first, but as I got used to the routine and the difference I could actually feel it making, it became easier to follow. Receiving compliments on having a toned appearance didn’t hurt the process, either!

The real challenge with my diet was adding quality protein to my meals in a largely vegetarian household, and that’s where Nutrova’s protein supplements were particularly helpful; Nutrova Whey Protein Isolate gave me my protein content on workout days, and on non-workout days I just added some Nutrova Pea Protein to my food, when the meals weren’t hitting the required protein intake. Nutrova Functional Fibre also helped with digestion on days I couldn’t have an adequate amount of salads and/or fruits.

My food choices (for the most part) and my exercise routine were never really a problem. It basically came down to the quantities of the food groups, and the lack of a synchronised diet plan – one that complements my workouts, and fits in with my daily routine. The supplements made it even simpler, because of the easy access to high quality nutrients they provided.

At the work front, I’ve had even more energy than before. My sciatica pain has never been this well-controlled, which makes me well-placed even after the long car journeys I have to make across the city for meetings.

Every day, the programme gives me a first-hand perspective of what we advocate at Nutrova – that a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to stand in the way of our health goals.

Written by Meghna Motwani

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