Madhuri Ruia’s Integym,  which is a leading gym based in Colaba, Mumbai promotes good health among its customers through a combination of exercise and nutrition. Some of its customers are also put through special diet plans to help them reach optimal health levels.

Integym appreciated the unique benefits of Nutrova’s Functional Fibre and incorporated it into the diets of their customers who needed to control their bad cholesterol, blood sugar levels and weight.

We had some really encouraging results and we wanted to share them with you.

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Mrs R., 36 yrs
I used to feel hungry after lunch and dinner even after eating a big meal. I would constantly be snacking in the evening and at bedtime. Since I added Functional Fiber to my diet, my appetite has become much better and the cravings have also reduced. I’m able to manage my diet much better which has helped in my weight loss.

Mr V., 48 yrs
I don’t like vegetables and have them only in my evening meal, that too because my wife forces me to eat them. I used to have just chicken and rice for lunch. By evening, I would get hungry and then overeat in dinner – chicken, vegetables, rice, roti, curd, fruit – whatever was served at the table. I started having Functional Fiber before my lunch. Though I agree it’s not a substitute for vegetables, it fills me up and my evening cravings have reduced. I also add a tsp of the fiber before dinner, which now includes vegetables, chicken and brown rice. This has helped my reduced my waist-hip ratio.

Mrs N., 54 yrs
My meal sizes used to be very large. Since I started functional fiber, it fills me up and I don’t overeat. This has helped me in my weight loss program.

Miss T., 28 yrs
Due to a PCOS problem, my post-lunch sugars have always been lower than the fasting sugars (86/88). This resulted in episodes of dizziness even after eating. Functional fiber has regulated my blood sugar levels which now stand at 104/87.

Have you been incorporating Nutrova’s Functional Fibre in your diet? Drop us a mail at and let us know how your experience has been.

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