Good health bestows beauty.

Picture this: you have healthy, youthful skin that glows with a smooth, supple appearance. Your cheeks have a natural blush and you take phenomenal, flawless selfies.

All of us can achieve this; we just need to understand the way our skin operates. We, at Nutrova, have dedicated the entire week leading up to Independence Day to empowering you to attain freedom from skin problems, by giving you exactly this information.




When we look up skin problems, we see buzz words like “free radicals”, “antioxidants” and “UV rays”, but… Do we really understand what these mean? Our limited knowledge of these terms can make them a good means of marketing products that are often unnecessary. We fall prey to misleading ad campaigns, spend money on dermal treatments and are still, frustratingly, left with dull, wrinkled or lifeless skin. Through this series of blog posts, we’re going to break down these terms and tell you exactly how they affect the way we look.

The Link between Nutrition and Beauty

First and foremost, we must appreciate that our skin is a reflection of what is happening within.

The skin’s texture, radiance, hydration and overall quality are all dependent on the nutrition received by the body. So, it is safe to say that skin problems are ‘systemic’, which means they originate from within the body. The causes are dietary, environmental or lifestyle-related.

We may not be able to change the pollution in the air, or the quality of fruits and vegetables available in our city. The one thing we can do is improve the nutrition we provide to ourselves.

By focusing on nutrition, we don’t just get healthy, flawless skin. We get a better quality of life, where great-looking skin is just a by-product of all the amazingly positive changes our body has gone through. Even if you’re simply interested in the pure aesthetics of it all, the fact is, with the right nutrition, the appearance of your skin can change in just 28 days (since the healthier-looking skin cells will take around that much time to surface).

Thus, the first and most important change we need to make is the way we look at ‘beauty’.

It is imperative to understand that beautiful skin can only be truly achieved by fixing the underlying health issues. Ultimately, the physical and mechanical stress endured by the skin can collectively lead to an array of skin problems, from wrinkles to cancer. But don’t stress (it may cause free radicals!) – you’re about to find out exactly how to make sure your skin is at its healthiest!

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