Research has established a strong link between the consumption of dietary fibre and a possible reduction or avoidance of obesity.
When your body consumes more calories than it can burn over a sustained period, it results in obesity.
A prominently western diet that comprises tasty, high fat and high energy foods seems to suppress the body’s feeling of satiety and this leads to over-consumption of food.
A good strategy to reduce excess energy intake, therefore, constitutes an increase in the inclusion of dietary foods that have a direct impact on making you feel full.  Dietary fibre is one such food and with regular intake, your body can reap the benefits of eating until you feel full, without an increase in calories.
One of the easiest options for dietary fibre available is Nutrova’s Functional Fibre which is a completely natural product comprising of a mix of soluble and insoluble fibre – one spoonful of Nutrova’s functional fibre with a glass of water one or two times a day and you will be well on your way towards losing that extra weight you have always wanted to.

For more on this research study, please check out Knowledge Scotland’s article on Dietary Fibre and Satiety.

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